Employee Onboarding

The Employee Onboarding process allows the signed in user (HR User) to capture both basic and more detailed information about employees. All records, qualifications, and supporting documentation associated with an employee are captured and edited via the Employee Onboarding process.

The following tasks are available under Employee Onboarding to the below role players.

Process Task | Screen Name User Role
Employee Onboarding 01. Employee Onboarding Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 02. Employee Qualifications Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 03. Banking Details Human Resources Manager
Employee Onboarding 04. Capture Payroll Finance Manager
Employee Onboarding 05. Assign Biometrics Human Resources

Once the above has been capture an employee is considered onboarded and may be rostered.

Process Task | Screen Name User Role
Employee Import Employee Import Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 06. Employee Previous Experience Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 07. Employee Competencies Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 08. Employee Firearm Competencies Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 09. Employee Driver’s License Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 10. Employee Induction Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 11. Employee Emergency Contact Human Resources
Employee Onboarding 12. Employee Medical Details Human Resources
Animation: In this animation we capture a new employee.


  1. Navigate to Start a Process and select Human Resources, then select the Employee Onboarding process. If you are capturing a new employee, then select the task: Employee Onboarding.
  2. Capture the required employee information in Step 1:
    • Employee Type
    • Branch
    • Employee Number
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Mobile Number
    • DOB
    • ID Number
    • Gender
    • Commencement Date
  1. Under Step 2 select the additional details that need to be captured. The default list of required items for basic employee onboarding are:
  2. Qualifications
  3. Banking Details
  4. Payroll
  5. Assign Biometrics
  6. Under Step 3 attach the supporting documentation for the new employee e.g., personal file, such as ID document, proof of address, etc.
  7. Under Step 4 once completed, click Continue. A task will be generated for each of the selected items, as required.
  8. The other information that can be captured include the below, however may be captured and or updated at a later stage:
  9. Experience
  10. Competency
  11. Firearm License
  12. Driver License
  13. Induction
  14. Emergency Contact Information
  15. Personal Development
  16. Medical Details