Capture Qualification

In the previous scenario, this task is auto generated and assigned to the HR user who completed the employee onboarding screen above. However, an HR User may capture and or update an onboarded employees’ qualifications by directly accessing the screen, via the Employee Onboarding Process, found in the Human Resources Process Group.

The purpose of this task is to allow the capturing of an employee’s qualifications and attach the corresponding supporting documents.

Animation: In this animation we update an onboarded employee’s qualification.


  1. Navigate to Start a Process and select Human Resources Process Group, then select the Employee Onboarding Select 02. Employee Qualifications.
  2. Under Step 1 select the employee from the onboarded employees, confirm the employee detail information is accurate.
  3. Under Step 2 in the Employee Qualifications table capture / update the following information of the security officer:
    • Grade
    • Achieved (Year)
    • Issue Date
    • Expiry Date
  1. Add the supporting documentation as required.
  2. Under Step 3, at the bottom of the task screen click, Continue. The information will be saved.