Capture Banking Details

This task can be accessed either by the pending tasks list (if there is) or manually by Start a Process. Only HR Managers may capture or edit employee banking details.

The purpose of this task is to allow the capturing and updating of an employee’s banking account information.

Animation: In this animation we update an employee’s banking details.


  1. Navigate to Start a Process and select Human Resources, then select the Employee Onboarding process, select the Banking Details task, it will open.
  2. If this is not an automated task, Step 1 will need to be completed where the signed in user (HR Managers Role) must first select the employee from the onboarded employees list, confirm the employee detail information is accurate.
  3. Under Step 2 capture / update the below listed information:
    • Account Type
    • Bank Name
    • Branch Name
    • Branch Code
    • Account Number
    • Employee Bank Statement / Account Confirmation Letter
  1. Under Step 3, specify the payment type and period.
  2. Under Step 4, enter the employee’s allowance if any.
  3. Under Step 5, click Continue to complete the task.
  4. Once the Continue button is clicked the task is routed to the payroll user to notify payroll of the changes. The banking details information can then be confirmed, and changes submitted to the system.