EldirVerify Application

Eldir DSO includes the Android application, EldirVerify, which provides a cost-effective way for security officers to check in and out of their shifts. When an officer arrives on site, they open the application, enter their unique employee identity (ID) number, and use the phone’s camera to take a “selfie” i.e., a photograph of their face. The system verifies the ID and image of the face against each other and if a match is found, the employee is checked in or out respectively.

The EldirVerify application for supervisors allows managers to simply take a photograph of a security officer for the system to return all the relevant information pertaining to that officer, such as name, grade, certifications, and competencies. The Manager button is for supervisors and doesn’t cater for check ins or out, it simply offers a method for managers to verify that that the correct employee is on site.

Installing EldirVerify App – Android Device

The EldirVerify App is installed on an Android Device.

Animation: In this animation we install the EldirVerify App on an Android mobile device.


  1. Step 1: Copy the latest Application to the Android Device.
  2. Step 2: Open the Application (.exe) on the Device, you will be prompted with the below question:
    1. Q: Do you want to install this application?
    2. A: Select Install. The EldirVerify application will start installing.
  3. Once Installation is complete the AppInstalled message will reflect. At this point you can Select Done or Open.
  4. If you select Done, you can open the application by clicking on the Icon to complete the set up and sign in for the first time.
  5. If you select Open the application will open and establish a connection and require the final setting to be selected. You will be prompted with the below question:
    1. Q: Allow EldirVerify to take pictures and record video?
    2. A: Select While Using The App.
    3. Q: Allow EldirVerify to access this device’s location
    4. A: Select While Using The App.
  6. Step 3: the EldirVerify Application is installed and ready for use.

Installing Eldir WinVerify App – Windows Desktop

The Eldir WinVerify App is installed on a Windows Desktop.

Animation: In this animation we install the Eldir WinVerify App on a Windows Desktop.


  1. Under Step 1: open the Eldir WinVerify App url, check your machine meets the prerequisites and click Install. The latest version of the application will always be available on the url, note the product version.
  2. Under Step 2: save the Eldir WinVerify App Setup .exe. Your computer settings may ask for further confirmation that you trust the file you are downloading before saving. Select the option: Keep The File.
  3. Under Step 3: navigate to where you saved the Eldir WinVerify App Setup .exe. On opening, you may be presented with a Windows pop up, select More information and then click Run Anyway. The Eldir WinVerify App is installed and open, but not yet configured or registered to a site.
  4. Under Step 4: there are two tabs visible on the right-hand side of the application:
    1. Login: Use this tab for your daily check in or out.
    2. Settings: Use this tab to configure your device.
  5. Select the Settings tab, in the Connectivity and Registration section click on the Test connection option. The device will then be registered.
  6. Select the Settings tab, in the Site section click on the Site dropdown list, select the site you work at, click register. There will be a pop-up message confirming Successful Registration.