Device Management

The Device Management task allows the signed in user (Customer and Configuration Manager) to Register unregistered devices, Edit and manage the company Devices across their organisation.

Unregistered Device

The Unregistered Device task allows the Customer and Configuration Manager to register unregistered devices.

Animation: In this animation we register an unregistered device.


  1. Navigate to start a process, select the Device Management process group, then select the Device Management process, then select the Unregistered Device
  2. Under Step 1: enter the unregistered device’s ID in the available field.
  3. Click Complete, the device will then be Active for configuration, a pending task will be created for the Device Configuration.
  4. Under Step 1: Capture the filter information:
    1. Filter Active / Inactive:
      1. Active: On completion of the Unregistered Device task, a device will then be Active for configuration.
      2. Inactive: Deactivated devices for a site will reflect in the site list, deactivation is done on the Mobile/Desktop Device Management screen.
      3. Roaming / Site
      4. Roaming: this only applied to roaming devices, typically issued to Roaming Supervisors (visits and checks in at multiple sites in or overs one or multiple shifts). This option is not bound to a site.
      5. Site: Site will be selected by default; a device should be bound to the site the employee needing to check in works at.
        1. Select a branch*.
        2. Select a site*.
  5. Under Step 2: select a device and complete the device configuration.
    1. Please select a device*: A list of active devices will be displayed for selection.
    2. Description (Site & Employee Number)*
      1. By default, the site selected will appear as the description, add the employee Id / company number to the description.
    3. Check to move device to new site: this action is part of device maintenance and movement and will not typically be done on first registration.
    4. Manager: by checking or unchecking the manager check box you are enabling or disabling the EldirVerify application for supervisors allows managers to simply take a photograph of a security officer for the system to return all the relevant information pertaining to that officer. The Manager button for supervisors is not a check in or out, it is an employee query.
    5. (Checked)Active / (Unchecked)Inactive: If the device is no longer active, uncheck the Active / Inactive:
  6. Then Step 3: click Complete to apply the changes to the device.