Uniform Management

The Uniform Management process allows Uniform Manager roles/users to:

  • Request uniforms
  • Issue uniforms to an employee, including proof of the issue of uniforms
  • Complete inter-branch uniform transfer

The below tasks are available for the uniform manager:

Process Task | Screen Name User Role
Uniform Management Request Uniforms Uniform Manager
Uniform Management Issue Personal Uniforms Uniform Manager
Uniform Management Complete Uniforms Issue Uniform Manager
Uniform Management Complete Inter-branch Uniform Transfer Uniform Manager

Request Uniform

The Request Uniform task allows the Uniform Manager to request specific uniform items be ordered, this request is sent to the warehouse manager to action.

Animation: In this animation we request uniforms, this notification request is sent to the applicable Uniform Manager, namely the Warehouse Manager.


  1. In the Uniform Management Process Group there is a Process called, Uniform Management, click on this process button to select the Request Uniform task.
  2. First select the Uniform from the catalogue that you wish to request from the Warehouse Manager, then
    1. Select the quantity required, and if possible, add comments relating to your request.
  3. Once completed click Submit.