Expired Qualifications and Competencies

The purpose of this task is to manage the employees’ expired qualifications and competencies.

Animation: In this animation we generate tasks to update expired qualifications and competencies


  1. Navigate to Start a Process and select Human Resources, then select the Expired Qualifications And Competencies process, the Expired Qualifications And Competencies task will open.
  2. Under Step 1 select the employees’ qualifications and competencies which are reaching expiration.
    1. Period (Now, 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days)
    2. Type (Competency, Driver’s License, Induction, Firearm, Qualification)
    3. Expired Qualification
  3. Under Step 2 select the expired qualifications and competencies you want to update.
  4. Under Step 3 click Continue to proceed. A pending task will be generated for all the qualifications which were selected and need to be updated.
  5. Click on Pending Tasks, navigate to and click on the Capture Qualification For: When opening the Capture Qualification For: Task.
    1. Step 1 review the captured employee’s details.
    2. Step 2 updated the Employees’ qualification details attach any related documents.
  6. Click on Complete to complete and archive the task.