Daily Shift Attendance

The Daily Shift Attendance task allows the Attendance Manager and or Site Manager to complete the daily attendance for a site.

Animation: In this animation we complete a (Incomplete) daily attendance.


  1. Navigate to the Pending Task list in your navigation menu. Select the Shift Attendance task for completion.
  2. Under Step 1: review the shift details. Note the daily attendance schedule report has been attached to Step 1 for ease of reference for employees in attendance.
  3. Under Step 2: review the shift requirement details.
    1. You will note the shift requirement table reflects the following:
    2. Employees Scheduled: this is the number of employees scheduled.
    3. Site Complement required; this is the number of employees required on site.
    4. Attended, this is the number of employees in attendance at the site.
    5. Absent, this is the number of employees who are not in attendance at the site.
  4. Under Step 3: review attendance details.
  5. Check the Show Attendance checkbox and the employee check in as well as the check in photo will appear in the attendance table.
  6. Refresh the page of the Daily Attendance task, real time clock ins and outs. will reflect. In this example we show the employee clocking in using the Eldir Verify Application.
  7. Under Step 4: click Continue to generate the daily timesheet task for the daily attendance task completed.