Capture A Post

The Capture Post task allows the signed in user (Customer and Configuration Manager) to capture a customer’s post details.

Note: Each customer can have multiple sites and each site can have multiple posts, but a customer must first have a site and then the site must have a post.

Animation: In this animation we capture a customer post.


  1. Browse the process group and select Customers, then select the Customer Management process, select the Capture Post
  2. When opening the Capture Post task in Step 1: select your Captured customer and review the populated business details.
  3. Under Step 2: select the customer site and review the populated site details.
  4. Under Step 3: capture (for a new post) or edit (to edit an existing post) post.
    1. For new post: Select the Create radio button and complete the required fields with a red Asterix (*).
    2. For editing an existing post: Select the Edit radio button, select the existing post then review or amend details as follows:
      1. Name: This is the post name. This post name must reflect on the Employee Schedule Posts column.
      2. Location: this is the physical location of the post.
      3. Shifts: this is the number of shifts in a 24-hour period.
      4. Pattern: this pattern is the pattern required for the post.
      5. Description: this is an option field should you wish to record or comment on the post requirements.
  1. Under Step 4: Capture or Amend the shift start and end times for each shift for this post.
  2. Under Step 5: Capture or Amend the working days required for this post.
  3. Under Step 6: Capture or amend the post complement for each shift.
  4. The Customer and Configuration Manager can then assign the newly created customer site to a site manager.
Animation: In this animation we assign the newly created customer to a site manager. User access is discussed later in this module.