Schedule Replacement

The Schedule Replacement task allows the Schedule Manager and or Site Manager to schedule a temporary and permanent replacement employee(s) for planned employee leave and for permanent schedule replacements on employee terminations.

Animation: In this animation we schedule a temporary replacement for a scheduled employee going on leave.


  1. Browse the process group and select Employee Schedule, then select Scheduler process and then Schedule Replacement
  2. Under Step 1: capture Employee and leave details:
    1. Employee *
    2. Replacement Type*
      1. Temporary: Reasons for temporary replacement: Rest Day, Sick, Training, Leave, Other, Absent
      2. Permanent: Reasons for permanent replacement: Transferred, Resigned, Absconded, Deceased
      3. From Date *
      4. To Date
      5. Single Officer Replacement Check Box
  1. Under Step 2: review Employee details of the scheduled employee. This table will reflect the number of day or night shifts the employee is scheduled.
  2. Under Step 3: select replacement employee(s) for the required shifts.
  3. Under Step 4: click Complete once a replacement has been captured for all scheduled shifts.