Employee Schedule Add

The Add Employee Schedule task allows the Schedule Manager and or Site Manager to add an employee to a site Schedule (Roster).

Animation: In this animation we add an employee to a site schedule.


  1. Browse the process group and select Employee Schedule, then select Scheduler process and then Employee Schedule Add
  2. Step 1: Capture the Customer details you want to add the Employee to:
    1. Branch*
    2. Customers*
    3. Sites *
    4. Posts*
    5. Complement Adjustment Check Box
  3. Step 2: Select and Review Employee details to add to the schedule and select the roster start pattern. The Schedule table will populate with your selection.
  4. Step 3: Click Complete to process schedule changes.

Note: The roster start pattern should be matched to the pattern of the day. Meaning: if your pattern is DDDDDXX and the day the employee is being added is Day three of the pattern, D-3 (DDDDDXX), then the roster start pattern selected should be D-3.