Issue Personal Uniform & Complete Uniform Issue

The Issue Personal Uniform task allows the uniform manager to issue personal uniform from a branch to an employee.

Animation: In this animation we issue personal uniform to an employee and complete the uniform issue with a signed receipt of uniform form. 


  1. In the Uniform Management Process Group there is a Process called, Uniform Management, click on this process button and then select the Issue Personal Uniform
  2. First, select the Branch you are assigning the uniforms from (if you are a Uniform Manager for more than one branch, otherwise only your branch will be available for selection).
  3. Second, select the employee you are assigning uniform to.
    1. Note the employee’s name and employee number are populated once an employee is selected.
    2. The Employee’s Assigned Uniform table: This table reflects already issued uniform.
  4. Complete the necessary in either the Issue Uniform or Return Uniform table.
    1. Note, you may issue any available uniform listed in stock at that branch.
    2. Note, only uniforms listed on the Employee’s Assigned Uniform table are available for return.
  5. Once completed click Continue.

The complete uniform issue task allows the uniform manager to complete the issuing of uniform(s) to an employee with proof of receipt. A pdf of the issue/return receipt created is emailed to the uniform manager for printing and employee signature.

  1. The Complete Uniform Issue task can be found in the pending task list. Open the task and confirm the employee details above the Add Signed Receipt
    1. Click Add and attach the signed uniform issued/returned receipt.
      1. If required, an AOD (Acknowledgement of debt) form may be attached to this task.
    2. Note the information in the Assigned Uniform table should include the items in the signed uniform issued / returned receipt.
  2. Click Complete to submit and archive the task.