Import Employee Schedule

The Import Employee Schedule task allows the Schedule Manager and or Site Manager to upload the required site schedule / roster. If the Site has been pattern locked the Schedule Manager and or Site Manager may select to autogenerate the creation of a site schedule / roster for 3 / 6 /12 Months.

Animation: In this animation we Import an Employee Schedule for the newly captured customer site.


  1. Browse the process group and select Employee Schedule, then select Import Employee Schedule
  2. The Import Employee Schedule process allows you to import your monthly Employee Schedule.
  3. First select the Year (current year will be set as a default), then Month of the schedule you are uploading. Select your Customer and Site the schedule is applicable for.
    1. Note the From and To Dates as you select the customer and site.
  4. Select the Add button to attach your Excel Schedule (.xlsx).
    1. Auto Generate check box is selected by default when a Customer Site is pattern locked.
    2. Period, this is the length of time the uploaded roster will be automatically generated for, including the current month.
    3. Compare Date is for the date range for comparing the shifts stored vs the new shifts.
    4. Note: You can re-upload the Schedule if needed or if you have made any changes.
  5. Click Continue, the schedule will import and advise on the schedule changes and highlight conflicts.
  6. You can check (click on) the Show Complement and Show Shifts boxes to review the complement and the shifts created because of the imported schedule.
  7. Click Continue.
    • Note: If the Imported Schedule has no Validation Issues, the Schedule will be Updated.