Edit General Assets

Animation: In this animation, we edit a disposable asset on the Eldir DSO system.


When Editing a General / Disposable asset in the Capture General Assets task:

  1. Under Step 1 there are two radio buttons, Create and Select Edit, then select the Asset Category (General / Disposable) item you wish to edit.
    1. In this example we opt to edit a General Asset.
  2. Select the asset warehouse Branch of the asset that will be edited from.
    1. In this example our Head Office is also the Asset Warehouse.
  3. Then select the General/Disposable Asset from the Asset Browse page.
  4. On selection, the details of the Asset selected will populate throughout Step 2. Update the catalogue item details as required.
  5. Under Step 3 reflects the Assets history details, review.
  6. Under Step 4 click Complete once done, the edited information will save.