Capture Firearms

The Capture Firearms task allows the warehouse manager to both Capture and Edit a single Firearm at a time.

Animation: In this animation, we Capture a Firearm to the Eldir DSO system.


  1. In the Assets Process Group there is a Process called Asset Management, click on this process button, and select the Capture Firearms tasks.
  2. Under Step 1 there are two radio buttons, Create and Select Create.
  3. Next, select the asset warehouse Branch that the asset will be captured to.
  4. Under Step 2 capture the following asset details:
    1. Asset No
    2. Description
    3. Price
    4. Serial Number
    5. Manufacturer*
    6. Country Of Origin*
    7. Expiry Date
    8. Make*
    9. Model*
    10. Type*
    11. Calibre / Gauge *
    12. Round Capacity*
    13. Year Make*
  5. Once the information has been captured, click Complete once done. The captured information will save.