About Eldir (Pty) Ltd

We understand technology, we live security, we love finding solutions.

Eldir (Pty) Ltd was formed as a result of a compelling collaboration between Security and Software experts. The company develops and supports the Eldir: DSO software solution. The powerful software is designed to assist management personnel to run their business simply and efficiently.

What Makes Our Solution Unique?

Unlike many of the other software solutions available, Eldir: DSO is designed specifically to combat the challenges faced by security companies in managing their operations.

Eldir: DSO helps your company’s business operations to run efficiently, rather than simply assisting security officers to be more productive.

Eldir DSO on a laptop

Strategic Partnership

As an authorised FlowCentric Technologies ISV Partner, Eldir (Pty) Ltd leverage the technical expertise that accompanies this strategic partnership in order to deliver world-class business solutions.