Assign Biometrics

This task can be accessed either by the pending tasks list (if there is) or manually by Start a Process. Only HR users may complete the Assign Biometrics task. The Onboarding process is complete at the end of this step as the company has captured the required basic information to roster an employee for shift.

Animation: In this animation we assign an employee’s biometrics, we upload an employee’s photo for facial recognition within Eldir DSO.


  1. If this task is not a pending task item, then navigate to Start a Process and select Human Resources, then select the Employee Onboarding process, then select Assign Biometrics task.
  2. Step 1, Select the employee to add biometrics, confirm the employee detail is that of the employee you are capturing biometrics for, Select Status Add.
    1. Add: this status is used on first upload of an employee’s photo
    2. Update: this status is used to update an existing employee’s photo
    3. Remove: this status is used if you need to remove an existing employee’s photo
  3. Click Continue to complete the task.