Eldir: Digitised Security Officer (DSO)

Operational Excellence Software for the Security Industry

There is very little software designed specifically to address the needs of senior management in the Security Industry. This means that security companies are either run predominantly as paper-based organisations, or personnel must resort to modifying existing technologies to force a fit. Neither of these approaches are ideal, as they do not provide many opportunities for innovation, data analysis, or strategic cost cutting.

Eldir: Digitised Security Officer (DSO) delivers digital transformation software designed for the Security Industry.

  • Understand the total expense of each security officer (including salary, overtime pay, uniform and equipment replacements).

  • Accurately track and record overtime while eliminating unreliable paper-based practises.

  • Reduce fraud and costly legal disputes with accurate and auditable timekeeping.

  • Know where equipment and uniforms are after the assets are checked out, and effectively manage returns.

  • Manage your customers effectively, ensuring that contracts are updated, and resources are accurately allocated.

  • Understand which customers are profitable and which are not.

  • Management can accurately gauge customer satisfaction and take corrective action if needed.

  • Accurately monitor and manage maintenance and monthly mileage schedules for all your vehicles.